6 June 2021
We are delighted to share with you that I need you more than you need me, a re-imagined and newly curated version of the project What Photography & Incarceration have in Common with an Empty Vase, will launch the international exhibition tour of the project at the Geneva Photography Centre, from 14 September - 28 November 2021.

20 May 2021
We are pleased to announce the launch of our print sales program featuring the work of a small number of mentees from our Artistic Practice Support scheme. The revenue raised from the sale of these artworks will support the artists in question as well as our free mentorship program. This month we are pleased to launch a 260 x 380 mm archival pigment ink print by Portuguese photographer Carlos Barradas, in an edition of 5 + 1 AP.

25 March 2021
Wednesday 14th April 2021, 2-3 pm. In the context of the exhibition ‘What Photography & Incarceration have in Common with an Empty Vase’, currently on display at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, Edgar Martins will be in conversation with Fiona Curran and Sarah Matheve of the Koestler Arts Trust as well as Sophie Greener from Grapevine. The speakers will talk about some of the themes explored in the exhibition including isolation, loneliness, loss and mental health.

20 March 2021
Following Format 21's online portfolio review sessions, we have partnered with the Format Festival to select 3 artists to participate in our Artistic Practice Support scheme. Over 150 artists met over two days with 70+ reviewers in close to 800 meetings. Our selected nominees are Maryam Wahid, Helen McGhie and Eelena Helfrecht. Congratulations to these artists.

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