16 February 2024
Edgar Martins Martins & The Moth House attend The Future Now Symposium, which brings together award-winning artists who engage with themes from our changing world, such as: the ethics of representation, curation, AI and new technologies, diaspora and threats posed by the climate emergency.

23 January 2024
Edgar Martins' forthcoming book is a research-based documentary project, a novel, a journal, a lipogramme and an imaginary anthropological study in one. It includes original photographs, archival photography and images researched from dark web forums, an album of probing soundscapes exploring the everyday experiences of a war correspondent as well as a book of drawings of myriad war scenes (collector's edition).This book will be launched in April 2024 and is now available to pre-order.

24 September 2023
Photo Israel is the biggest photography event in Israel and the only one in the world that provides a joint platform for social outreach activities and for fascinating works by photographers and artists from across the globe. The Moth House have partnered with the 11th edition of the festival to exhibit works from our latest book ‘Anton’s Hand is Made of Guilt. No Muscle of Bone. He has two Clinically Depressed Fingers and an Angry Thumb', by Edgar Martins. Following recent events in Israel and Gaza, the new edition of the festival has been postponed between 27 March - 7 April 2024

22 September 2023
Our War, a selection of images from Edgar Martins' new project titled Anton's hand is made of guilt, no muscle or bone. He has two clinically depressed fingers and an angry thumb received the highest accolade at the International Photography Awards 2023, in the Film/Analogue Portrait category.

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