Five Minutes After Birth is a response to the social conditioning men experience in modern Western societies. Referencing anti-social behaviour, sexuality and traditional gender roles, this work offers both a critical and reflective response to men’s pursuit of power and control, and their inclination to engage in competitive and often harmful behaviours.

Acting as a map of a male consciousness the sequence bounces between performative fictions, observations and short interviews which together highlight the ambiguity of the term masculine in a world where traditional definitions clash with progressive interpretations of what it means to be a man.

This work is not intended as a celebration or survey of modern masculinity, rather it is a meditation on dated but prevalent masculine identities and the disruption and questioning they are increasingly subject to. Using masculinity as an identity to deconstruct, this work poses broader questions about social hierarchies, shared narratives and increasingly polarised discourses around such subjects.

The Artistic Practice Support Scheme has been an invaluable experience and one I would recommend to anyone completing a body of work. My mentor, Edgar Martins, had viewed and read the work ahead of my session and had already made notes for suggestions on how I should proceed. The session helped to highlight what was and was not working with my project and ultimately changed how I chose to present it. In the few months since this session I have had success in disseminating the project through exhibition, in print and have been a finalist for an award. Additionally, I have made many valuable contacts whilst following up on suggestions from the session. There was also great advice and follow up support from the research team and my mentor. This is one of the most valuable and productive experiences I have had for the continuation of my practice.

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