7 December 2021

We are pleased to announce the sale of the fourth and fifth prints of our print sales program, focusing on the work of a small number of mentees from our Artistic Practice Support scheme. The revenue raised from the sale of these artworks will support the artists in question as well as our free mentorship program. This month we are pleased to launch 280 x 360 mm archival pigment ink prints by Polly Tootal and Luís Preto, in an edition of 3 + 1 AP.
The Man and the Tree, by Luís Preto, is from his ongoing series Pensar como uma Montanha (To think as a Mountain), which follows and documents the day to day life of Hervé Valette, a hermit, whose disavowal of modern institutions and the postmodernist lifestyle took him to seek refuge in the remote region of northern Portugal. Wrestling, by Polly Tootal, is from her series The Hands That Built This City, which documents the daily lives of the men who live in the UAE’s labour camps, in all its banality and complexity. 

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