Mrs. Rose Adams, 05.06.1968

This artwork, produced by the pseudo-artist Mia Salvato, examines & reimagines a set of historical images, from the collection of the Archive of Modern Conflict, which were taken by an unnamed US policeman in the 1960s, who produced erotic images of black women in his spare time. By juxtaposing/overlaying image & test print used for chemical/color control in C-type analogue printing machines (reminding us of police identity lines, pantone charts & early ethno-anthropological photography), they open up a debate about the politicisation of the representation of the female body, the synchronous histories of anthropology & colonialism & their intersection with the practice of photography, as well as the ethical question related to issues around informed consent, privacy, copyright, representation & anonymity in photography.

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Date: 2020
Dimensions: 450mmx300mm
Medium: Overlapped Resin/C-prints mounted on aluminium
Frame: Wooden box frame with non-reflective glass
Edition: 1/3 (signed and numbered)
With authenticity certificate

About the Artist
Mia Salvato is the anonymous heteronym of an established UK artist and author, whose gender remains undisclosed. Their work is represented internationally in several high-profile collections. They have won numerous prestigious international awards and exhibited internationally.


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